Yoon Gon-ji


<aside> 🟥 #Webtoon #female #cartoonist #streamer #versatile

Cartoonist & Streamer emphasizes delicate expression and reality

Communicate with readers through various contents I will show you a lot of new aspects of Gonji Yoon!

I have a lot of shortcomings, but thank you for always cheering me up! I look forward to your continued interest and love ♡



<aside> 🟥 Korean female cartoonist. The serial is Toptoon.

Real name: Private

Age: Private

Birthday: September 2nd

Body: 154cm, 42kg, AB

Nationality :🇷 🇰

Academic background: dropping out of college

Personality type: INFP-A

Job: Cartoonist, twitch streamer, YouTuber

Team: Toptoon, collabKOREA, Studio Noiru

Fandom name: Yeonji



<aside> 🟥 A Wonderful New World 19.03.23 ~ ing Goddess hunt 17.12.26 ~18.12.04 (50 Completed) Love Navigation 16.10.15 ~ 17.09.13 (54 Completed)